Border Studies: 43° 38′ 25.63″ N 79° 26′ 12.23″ W (Parkdale)

presented at the 16th Annual Parkdale Film & Video Showcase, August 2014

6 minute preview of 23 minute video
Border Studies: 43° 38 25.63 N 79° 26 12.23 W is a physical and conceptual tracing of the perimeter encircling those environs which comprise the community of Parkdale in Toronto (Canada). Recorded during several early-morning bicycle journeys and using three video cameras – one on either end of the handlebar and one on a helmet – this route follows the neighbourhood’s bordering roads and pathways. The resulting three-channel looped video is a snaking portrait of Parkdale’s frontiers, which contains a notoriously diverse cultural and socio-economic population. The act of tracking its boundaries initiates a poignant consideration of geopolitics and civic dynamics while framing the notion of community as both navigable site and elusive principle.